New and Used Premium Bucket Trucks

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High-Quality Bucket Trucks for all Your Needs

We offer high-quality new and used bucket trucks for sale in California, so you can rest assured that you’ll get your money’s worth when you purchase a bucket truck from us. Browse our category of products. We have a selection of commercial vehicles that can cater to your needs. Additionally, we give you a 30-day or a 3,000-mile limited terrain warranty when you buy any of our bucket trucks!

Choosing the Right Used Bucket Truck

It will be advantageous to know about what of type used bucket trucks in California you’re looking for when you start shopping with us. If you’ll be using a bucket truck to pick produce, you may opt for a small-sized truck that can fit through an orchard’s lanes. If you need a truck for repairing electrical lines or transporting supplies and equipment to the bucket, consider purchasing a larger truck with the appropriate lifting capacity. Let us know what kind of bucket truck you need, and we’ll show you a list of what’s available or coming soon!

Repair Your Bucket Truck with Us

It can be challenging at times to look for a shop that can repair a bucket truck because you’ll have to find a mechanic that specializes in repairing that type of truck and one that’s reliable, of course.

We have an on-site, full-service shop used for performing repairs. Our shop is independently operated by A&J Truck Repair. We have the needed repair equipment and knowledge to service all types and brands of commercial vehicles. Rest assured that our shop is ready for any repair job. We take pride in finishing all work flawlessly and efficiently!

Ask Our Experienced Staff for Support

Feel free to get in touch with our experienced staff for any questions or concerns about new or used bucket trucks. Our team is passionate about customer satisfaction, so you can count on their services to help you purchase a truck that will best serve your needs. Furthermore, they have vast industry knowledge, which allows them to deliver premium service, vehicles, and equipment.

Have any questions about our new or used bucket trucks? Don’t hesitate to give us a ring at (951) 898-0199.

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